UConn Leashes

UConn Huskies 6′ Light-Up Pet Leash

When you take your doggy on your early morning walks you want to make sure that people can see your cuddly companion (and not just because Fido’s the cutest darn thing you ever did see). Your pet is a member of your family and you want to protect your family from danger. Make sure your furry sidekick stays safe when darkness falls ?€” and shows off some Huskies pride at the same time ?€” with the Light-Up pet leash. A flexible LED tube is sewn into the leash making it visible up to 1 000 feet in the dark and offering 100 000 hours of LED life. Plus it includes a replacement set of batteries meaning you have 200 000 hours of walking to do before you need to buy new ones! As if that weren’t enough it’s weather-resistant boasts a reinforced handle and features UConn logos down the length of the leash. Your daily walks with your dog will be safer easier and packed with Huskies spirit!




$ 29.95